Concord Scout House

Donation Drive Fundraiser

Over the month of September, 2016 we're collecting your former treasures as a fundraiser for our beloved Concord Scout House. NOW EXTENDED THROUGH OCTOBER 10TH!

Please note the items we can accept and the required packaging to receive your donation below. Items can be left in the Scout House foyer while the building is open and on the covered porch at the top of the handicap entrance ramp at all times.

Items we can accept include:

  • SOFT GOODS (please drop off in tall white kitchen bags - we'll get 20 cents a pound)

    • OTHER TEXTILES – towels, sheets, blankets, etc.
    • ACCESSORIES – hats, mittens, ties, socks, backpacks, etc.
  • HARD GOODS (please drop off in cardboard boxes - we'll get 5 cents a pound)

    • ELECTRICAL – small appliances
    • KIDS – toys, stuffed animals
    • KITCHEN – pots, pans china, glassware, etc.
    • KNICK-KNACKS – jewelry, crafts, candles
    • MEDIA – books, CDs, magazines, videos

Donor record forms (and white kitchen bags) are available at the drop-off locations. Donations are eligible for tax credit (the Scout House is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 organization) - consult your tax advisor for applicability.

A flyer is available to print and share, we'd appreciate you spreading the word on helping out the Scout House!

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