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Concord Scout House, Inc. Office

Contact Lois Stevens, Office Manager, at (978) 369-3455 or info(at)ConcordScoutHouse(dot)org

Lois is frequently on site and can be met with by appointment.  Always call before stopping by so we don't miss you.

There is a guest phone in the kitchen (ring is audible in the main hall) which is not monitored by the Scout House staff. That line can be reached at (978) 822-2274.

Lost and Found

There is a white bureau containing lost and found items in the vestibule.  Valuables may be locked in the office; please contact us if you cannot find an item.  Items left for more than a month are taken upstairs to the office landing and bagged in preparation for charitable donation.

Rental Information

Please refer to the Rentals page.

Board of Directors 2020-2021


President: Robert Kiihne
Vice President: Donald Veino
Treasurer: Charles Poutasse
Secretary: Robin Humes


At Large Members:
Allan Chertok, John Dow, Jack O'Connor, Julia Whiteneck

Scouting Representatives:
Boy/Cub Scouts - David Owen; Girl Scouts - Hannah Fingerle, Kristine Millet

Barn Nursery School Liaison: Susan Boyle

Web Architect/Advisor: Don Veino

Fundraising Committee:
Robert Kiihne
Robin Humes
Lisa Greenleaf

Lois Stevens, Office Manager
Glenn Stevens, Custodian

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